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Customised online coaching for busy people who want to get fit and eat the foods they love without it consuming their lives.

Welcome to Inside&Out Health

Imagine what life would look like if you could eat the food you loved and moved in a way that saw your body transform to exactly what you’ve been working day in and day out to achieve, all whilst managing your social life and the ongoing work and time pressures.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re eating clean and training hard and not seeing a change in your body or mind

  • You’ve tried all the different diets like IIFYM, low carb, paleo and you’ve lost motivation

  • You want to enjoy what you eat and how you move but don’t have enough time in the day to dedicate hours to it


Hating the plain food you are eating, exhausted from all the things you need to do in a day, you’re missing out on social events so you can stay ‘on track’ and eating super low calories during the week only to overeat on the weekends which leads to guilt on a Sunday and back into the cycle on Monday…


We’ve have found the methodology/system works best for these two groups of people

  1. Shift workers like nurses, paramedics, people that know the importance of their health and are willing to invest in making their health a priority in a simple to follow way
  2. Families, office workers, tradies – people that want a healthier lifestyle and just want to be given the formula to see the results they are after

Hey there!

I'm Paige, owner and coach at inside&Out Health.

Previously I was working 50+ hours a week, training for hours a day and eating broccoli, chicken and rice during the week only to binge on the weekends and wonder why I wasn’t seeing any changes to my body or mind even though I was working so hard for it.

I’ve been there – so I know how important it is have a something easy to follow that is specific to your needs and allows you to have the accountability without a huge time investment.

CUEInside&Out Health. I am a qualified sports nutritionist and personal trainer invested in making the health and fitness journey for people just like my old self ENJOYABLE and SIMPLE to follow

I have worked with over 100 people to build a better mindset around food, giving everyone individualised programs that suit their lifestyle and food choices whilst being there every step of the way. I won’t just be giving you calorie targets or a generic training program, I will show you how you can enjoy the food you love and how to train in a way that will get you the body and mind transformation you have been working hard for in the shortest amount of time possible.


When you sign up for coaching with Inside&Out Health, you will provide a comprehensive overview detailing your history, your current goals and we will discuss your current situation. From there, an individualised plan will be developed based on the foods you like and detailing the best way to move based on your goals and time limitations.

  1. Flexible – you will receive a comprehensive program with a meal plan based on the foods you like and dislike to take the ease off you figuring it out each week yourself
  2. Individualised – your program will consider the food you like and dislike and guide you on the best way to move in accordance with your goals and time constraints
  3. Supportive – you will check in weekly and receive an updated plan with feedback on the week, as well as ongoing communication and support via message 
  4. Community – you are not in this alone, we have a Facebook group full of people just like you chatting through our wins and struggles and providing advice and support along your journey!


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Your complete customised nutrition and fitness program to support your performance and health goals.


Nutrition Coaching

For those serious about eating flexible and balanced meals to support their goals, available worldwide.


What They're Saying:


    Improved relationship with food

    But I didn’t realise how big a difference having a coach and support person would be, and I truely believe that working with you is the key to all of it and why it’s working and why I’m able to keep dedicated to the program, you make it so enjoyable, achievable and realistic, it’s amazing.


      Reached fat loss goal for wedding

      Paige you’ve literally changed my life. I never dreamt that I’d ever feel like this again. I actually said to myself a year or 2 ago ‘you’re just fat now’. And I’m absolutely not anymore and I cannot express how life changing that feeling is.


        Eating more food and maintaining results

        Thank you for all your support, it has really been transformational for me and I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your supportive, encouraging approach as a coach.


          Improving their metabolism to eat more and loose fat

          When I started working with Paige I was eating 600kcals/day, I was exhausted all the time and had fallen into a toxic binge/restrict cycle was quite literally destroying me. Flash forward and this girl has had me eating up to 3000kcals/day, exercising 4-5 times a week and loving every bloody minute of it. Paige has quite literally changed my life, and I will forever be grateful

          today is the day you take control of your health and eat the food you love.


          here you can recieve updates on our meal preparation service as well as recipe and training ideas to support your health and fitness goals.