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Meet Paige.

Owner. Coach. Educator.

From a young age, my relationship with food was strained. I have been through the binge and restrict cycle, I have tried all of the craze diets and I have suffered with feeling like my goals were too hard to reach.

It was not until I did the work inwardly to recognise what HEALTH meant to me, and became educated on how nutrition and training could really transform ones body that I finally recognised my calling.

The passion I have to enable people to create an abundant mindset towards food and training continues to propel me, and allowing others to thrive and reach their goals in a flexible way is the reason why I do what I do.

My goal as a coach is to empower you to reach your goals and also know WHY you are doing things so you can create life long knowledge and create a maintainable and sustainable relationship with food.

Are you A...

Shift worker, a nurse, paramedic or a person knowing the importance of your health and are willing to invest in making their health a priority in a simple to follow way.

Large family, office worker or tradie – a person that wants a healthier lifestyle and need to be given the formula to see the results you are after.

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